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Phone book advertising usage is going down.

Marketing Media Mix, LLC is made up of ex-phone book guys that can no longer, in good conscious, sell phone books. We are now full-time Internet Marketers.

Now we would never say to stop using a form of advertising that works, but below is a section from an article on phone book usage.

Financial performance of some of the top YP companies has suffered over the past couple of years. This doesn’t necessarily have a direct correlation, since advertiser revenue doesn’t automatically sync with brand-name recognition. Oversized debt load and economic recession could also explain poor performance.

But ad dollars will follow audience numbers, and some of the top YP companies are themselves predicting ongoing losses of revenue over time from their print side. Supermedia’s recently-published 2009 financial results not only outlined a number of reasons for revenue decline, but also listed “…declining use of print yellow pages directories…” as one ongoing risk.

And Joe Walsh, YellowBook’s CEO, was asked in a recent Fox Business News interview if there would still be a physical YP book in five years, and he answered: “Yes, not in every market, though. I think that some of coastal markets may be migrating away from print in that period of time.”BIA/Kelsey also predicts a decline in spending on traditional media, including print YP, and a continuing migration of ad dollars to digital media.

- Is “Yellow Pages” Becoming An Obsolete Concept?