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Organic Internet Marketing With Quality Backlinking

You may have heard that search engines like Google use their algorithm to determine your websites ranking. What this means is that search engines use a confidential formula with over two hundred factors to determine why one site will be above another and the search engines change this formula quite often. We at, Marketing Media Mix, LLC use our experience and internet marketing techniques to develop your web presence so that it ranks well in these search engines.

Internet marketing companies are constantly searching for the most effective and the most affordable ways to drive traffic to your website. One popular, but rather costly way to get site traffic is by using pay per click advertising programs like Google's Adwords. Pay-per-click advertising is not the only way to get on the first page of a search engine.

Organic Internet marketing such as Backlinking is a good way to attract traffic and sell products. Organic Internet Marketing methods are techniques that are not charged by the click. You can count on us to keep up to date on all the latest techniques to not only rank well but to also help drive traffic to your business. Here are a few of the many organic strategies that we implement at Marketing Media Mix, LLC.

  • One backlink building strategy that has been used for many years is the method of submitting your URLs to web site directories. This process is rather simple; you find a directory that accepts submissions and you simply submit your site. Then when the directory publishes your website in their listings, you have a permanent link that will be pointing people and search engines back to your website.
  • Creating profiles on social networking sites is a very effective way to get one way backlinks. You can find quite a few social networks where you can place a link to your website when you fill out your profile. This is a strategy that has the potential to be abused if you are in too much of a hurry to get links.
  • Another way to build lots of links is to use social bookmarking or voting sites. Many internet users frequently search social bookmarking sites to find relevant bookmarks, so they are a great resource. For the search engines, these sites are important because they have fresh content.
  • Another way many marketers start building high quality backlinks is by using a strategy known as article marketing This can be one of the most time consuming method. The basics of this strategy include writing articles that deal with the subject of your site, after which you take the articles and submit it to an article directory. You then include a link pointing back to your web site in a resource box.

Many website owners are concerned about creating links, but they can often forget about the importance of their site's content. Your website's content is fundamental to your success, and this has to become before even link building. The fact is, if your site doesn't have content that's good or relevant, backlinks won't do you much good. We might be able to get search engine traffic, but if your visitors have no reason to stay there, it still won't be enough. In any case, if the search engines see that you have links but content that's not very good, they still may not rank you well.

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