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Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites have the ability to get you traffic from the backlinks that are created on their site. We add your social bookmarks so that other members from those social bookmarking site can see your backlinks and go to your site. We build brand awareness and increase traffic with Marketing Media Mix's aggressive social bookmarking.

The huge difference between Google and social bookmarking sites is that the bookmarking sites are controlled by the users, not search engine bots. Interesting information can be found much quicker due to the fact that social bookmarking sites run on feedback from the users, which means the users vote the useful information to the front page. In other words social sites are controlled by the community. people decide what information is worth making available to others. With this in mind, you need to provide useful and interesting information when you are looking to have marketing benefits from social bookmarking.

The fact is that backlinking is a strategy that will help your web presence increase its rankings in the search engines. The search engines look at these kind of back links pointing to your Internet site as a sort of vote. So when they find a lot of website links pointing back to your Internet site they will end up rewarding your Internet site with better rankings.